KOOKAI Hot Winter 2007/2008 News

By Angel | October 18, 2007 7:53 am |

Kookai 2008 fashion

If you still don’t know the latest fashion trends for the coming season, you have to click here, but if you already too proficient in this sphere and want to find out more about winter 2007/2008 trends, you are welcome!

It is a common point of view, to write about tendencies and to consider fashion collection of many brands and designers, but today I came to a conclusion to change my ordinary vision of world (maybe because of weather – it is so sunny and warm) and to tell you about clothes from one of my favourite trading mark – KOOKAI.

  1. The 1st and undisputable leader of the season is knitting. A great variety of sweaters, cardigans, dresses-sweaters of neutral, beige, pastel or grey colours. Amazing models of sweaters can be found in both very famous designers collections and in collections from Stella McCartney, Nina Ricci and, of course, KOOKAI;
  2. One more tendency – jackets, together with both skirts and trousers. KOOKAI proposes very womanish and beautiful jackets in a style of 60′s;
  3. Trousers must be either too wide or too narrow. To tell the truth, they can be various and different, most of all I like KOOKAI trousers BOMBAY;
  4. Any woman wants to be a tigress, a temptress and it is a reality with dresses from D&G, KOOKAI, Ermanno Scervino and Chloe. They offer us amazing dresses, you will look like a gracious panther, always ready to kill your victim and leave him no chances but to stay with you (I am sorry, it is just a comparison). Also, attention of publicity can be drawn to leopard sweaters, actually they possess special and unusual pattern, called a la leopard. Enjoy!
  5. Are you an attentive fashion-lover? What is the main colour, of this season, apart from a black one is… Of course, purple. There are a lot of variations of this tone, the most successful (as for me): IZ – Renoncule; ID – Chardon and IL – Mure. Don’t forget about dresses of the season, you can wear these berry fun dresses with hosiery, trousers and black tights;
  6. Scotch check is still popular and attractive. Wearing it you can make a hint that you adore punk style;
  7. Wide belts, narrow belts, various corsets… They just must be…

Good luck, dear fashion-lovers!

Stephen Jones. Biography, hats collections and news

By Angel | October 16, 2007 6:09 am |

Stephen Jones summer hat party Stephen Jones summer hat party 2

Stephen Jones is a famous person in a hat industry and fashion. He can make a masterpiece from a hat, his hats are intriguing and very original. Always reflect the spirit of time.

Life of the designer used to be interesting and full of bold decisions. Have you ever heard about the legendary Blitz nightclub? Jones was its member, to tell the truth, a very significant member – he was always perfectly dressed and had an extraordinary hat on his head. Stephen was born in Cheshire, finished school in Liverpool and studied at St Martins. In 1980 he opened his first hat store in the middle of London’s Covent Garden.

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Wedding Dress Secrets

By Angel | October 13, 2007 6:26 am |

Girls in Wedding dresses

Marriage considered being one of the most important steps in a life. Nowadays, more and more couples want their wedding to be as simple as possible; they prefer an ordinary ceremony and casual garment. But some women still adore traditions and want their wedding day to be amazing and remarkable. In this article I wanna tell you about unusual wedding dresses, they are still wedding, but with some changes in design.

So, the first one is a beach wedding dress. This kind of wedding dress prefer women, which adore nature and want celebrate their high day near to it: for example, a wedding viewing the ocean, why not? Generally speaking, destination wedding are extremely popular nowadays. Because it is so romantic to marry a person on the sand beach and hear the sound of waves. Moreover, this wedding will be not so formal, as a church one. So, you can forget about boring traditional ceremony and say “hello!” to a glamorous and stylish wedding. An informal dress can look elegant, there are a lot beach wedding dresses, they are mostly slim and you can choose any length. Also, a veil is not a must, instead you can decorate your flowers with flowers. Bur, remember, if you want a fluffy corset dress, you’d better do it and make a usual wedding. Footwear must be simple as well. I suppose you don’t want to suffer from sand in your new $500 high-heeled shoes.

Beach wedding dress Wedding dress for a beach wedding

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Top Comfortable Trends of Autumn 2007

By Angel | October 2, 2007 5:37 am |

Incredible news from the catwalks:

  • Say “NO!” to severe diet!

    The whole trends of the autumn 2007 will provide an opportunity to wear such things, that will help you to emphasize your advantages and minimize your drawbacks. Namely, now, fashion tends to be creative and self-expressive. So…

    1. Washington pie

      I mean, things with a lot of layers and a lot of layers of clothes. You’ve got me right? Let’s check it. You must wear things layer by layer: T-shirts, jackets, blouses, skirts, dresses everything will be useful, the only one thing – emphasize your layers, wear a long dress together with a small shrug.

      Layers fashion from Valentino Autumn 2007 Add volume from Valentino autumn 2007

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Don’t Miss Such Beauty

By Angel | September 27, 2007 6:53 am |

Amazing Colours of Autumn

It is autumn… The weather is gloomy, I just can’t stand those 10 minutes periods of sun and then – rain, clouds and other unhappy weather conditions. The sky is grey, it is so dull everywhere. What is more, I hate when summer fights with fall for one or two warm days, it is unbearable… You will think, that I am a very pessimistic and dull person? Nobody can be 100 percent sure, but I suppose it is not true. Because, as for me autumn is not a time for depression, it is time to pay attention to the latest fashion collections, to go shopping, to find latest news from stylish celebrities and to discover new, beautiful things to you…

So, my discoveries of the Autumn 2007:

  • it is extremely convenient to wear ankle boots, at least, you can be sure, it is almost impossible to tear your panty-hose, also, ankles are so sexy part of women’s body );
  • glamorous purple-pink scarf with payettes can fresh up any of your dresses, jackets, blouses etc;
  • it is so wonderful to have an ideal, you can strive for;

You will never guess what I am talking about. Let me repeat once again, it is adorable when in the middle of the autumn you came across something fantastic, eyepleasing, exciting. I am lucky, I met Couture In The City Blog and was almost absorbed in it.

Couture in the city

I must say, I had deal with professionals, with clever and devoted to their work people. Just have a look, I adore the design of this blog, topics are great, photos – of high quality. It is so touching, when somebody wants make your life brighter, tells you that to err is humane (for instance, article about Celebrities Fashion), give you advice what to wear and just help you to be well informed!

ColleenBaran Fashion Rings

By Angel | September 25, 2007 5:50 am |

Love letters ring form Colleen Baran Collection

Have you ever been married? Actually, for Coleen Baran it is not so important as to your friends or parents. You will ask why? Because she is making rings sometimes much more beautiful than a wedding-ring is. So, enjoy the view!

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Top 10 Key Fashion Points Autumn 2007

By Angel | September 19, 2007 7:37 am |

Opulence from Dior

Unfortunately, we have to say “good-buy” to summer and say “hello” to a cold autumn, so let’s prepare to a new season. To put it in a nutshell, Autumn/Winter 2007/2008 fashion is based on the following words: shine, glamour and bold unusual colours. As to main fashion themes, they are the following: leather, dresses, coats, oversized knitwear, military fashion and , of course, black things.

There is a one new tendency in clothes fashion, earlier we got used that there are only 2 collections each two seasons and now designers are almost mad, they make various pre-collections and some heavy shoppers even managed to buy everything.

So, for those, who don’t want to stay behind, the following tips will be of great importance:

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5 Widespread Fashion Mistakes

By Angel | September 12, 2007 5:50 am |

Messy Wardrobe

You adore shopping and live from sale to sale? As a rule, while season sales you buy everything as you suppose, is cheap, cool and stylish? That is very the problem lies. Let me guess, then you don’t know what to wear, you spend hours in front of your wardrobe and as a result in front of the mirror in order to find the answer onto the tricky question: “What to wear?” Am I right? Unfortunately, a lot of us have the same problem. We buy everything we want and finally don’t know what to do with this skirt that doesn’t match any of our shoes or T-shirts. Our wardrobes became a complete mess and there is no way out, as to … throw all the unnecessary things away and try not to buy them anymore. Thus, you will make you life easier and get rid of a constant headache: “What to put on?” Also, try to buy a thing, only when you are sure, that it will match not less then 3 things in your real wardrobe. And, change your wardrobe each season!

Handbag on sale

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Nice Wedding in Ukraine

By Angel | August 21, 2007 2:41 am |

I think it is amazing to have friends in the whole world! You have a possibility to get acquainted with other cultures, languages, rites and just people, that live so far from you. I have a very good friend in Ukraine. This country is rather small (in comparison to yours) but its people are very friendly, they adore laughing and telling funny stories, they are fond of holidays and always try to make any wedding special and unforgettable. Especially, when this wedding was an extraordinary one even without any special preparations.

Just have a look at this picture, it seems like a Photo-Shop Work. But, these happy couples are real!!! Do you want to know their story?

Beautiful Wedding in Ukraine, The city of Chernovtsi!

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About Ballerina Pumps

By Angel | August 2, 2007 2:33 am |

Ballerina pumpsYou can’t stand high killer heals? You do crazy when you have to go out somewhere wearing such shoes? You don’t know what to do? Your legs are tired and it seems impossible to reach the last 3 meters to your house? The decision is very simple – wear ballerina shoes. By the way – they are on the peak of popularity and a must-have thing this summer 2007.

As it turned out, ballerina shoes enjoyed the tremendous success, nobody could even suppose, that women will be so glad to get rid of their killer heals. They appeared as a funny alternative to high heals, but became very popular and now every glam, stylish girl wears one. Be ready ballerina shoes are in fashion again! Don’t be afraid, you will not look like a 5 year-old-girl, you will look as a glamorous diva.

Nobody wants to hurt own legs, and ballerina pumps is a perfect combination of both elegance and convenience.

As for me it is the only possible way to wear flat shoes and to be stylish. Every step you make is ideal, because these shoes are soft, cosy and beautiful. They can resemble traditional moccasins, but the only one difference is in technique of making, ballerina pumps are very flexible and precisely curves together with your legs. Moreover, you can wear them with any clothes you want: with casual dresses, dress suits, skirts, trousers etc.

Ballerina shoesPumps shoes

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